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high quality welfare, high quality food
Oaklands Farm Eggs Ltd is committed to responding to the needs of their customers at every level through offering a flexible and wide range of shell egg products.  

Oaklands eggs, produced under strict welfare and hygiene standards are all Lion Quality Approved. The company prides itself on offering products of the highest class A standard and aims to pack products on the same day of lay offering a unique freshness unparallel by its competitors. All eggs are stamped with the Lion Quality mark of approval and best before dates as required by law.

Oaklands is able to offer a wide range of free range and fresh egg products to meet the need of every customer. Products range from retail ready packs to multiples of thirty egg foodservice trays for orders of larger quantities. Our high tech Moba grading machines enables us not only to provide a product of the highest quality free from defects such as dirt and cracks, it also enables us to grade eggs into different sizes offering products of small, medium, large, extra large and mixed weight eggs.

Oaklands current product range is displayed below- if you can’t find the product you are looking for please contact our sales department who will be happy to accommodate with all your egg requirements.

Retail Packs

6 Egg- Oaklands offers a six egg pack in bother free range and fresh varieties. We currently offer this pack in medium, large and very large sizes in cases of 12 and 16 dozen

10 Egg- Oaklands 10 egg pack is available in a medium fresh pack currently available in a 20 dozen case unit.

12 Egg- Oaklands 12 egg pack in available in our fresh variety in medium, large and mixed egg weight pack
(minimum egg weight of). This is currently offered in 12 and 16 dozen case units. 

15 Egg- Oaklands 15 egg pack is available in fresh and free range varieties. It is currently available in a mixed egg weight pack (minimum egg weight) in a 15 dozen case unit.

18 Egg- Oaklands 18 egg pack is available in fresh and free range options in small medium and mixed weight pack sizes. It is  currently available in 18 and 30 dozen
case units.

In order to offer top quality products, Oaklands offers its retail egg products in clear plastic packaging made from  
 polystyrene glassclear. This material ensures hygienic conditions for the product whilst at the same time lowering the carbon foot print. All Oaklands packing is made from recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

Boiled Egg

Oaklands Farm Eggs Ltd is home to a Sanovo boiling plant enabling the company to offer its customers freshly boiled intensive and free range eggs. Oaklands adheres to a strict boiling process which enables us to provide a fresh, shell free convenience egg product for use in food manufacture such as sandwich fillings and Scotch egg production. Boiled eggs are available in 4 and 12 dozen units and are all Lion Quality Approved.

Liquid Egg

Alongside its shell product range, Oaklands have developed for their customers 'Egg in an Instant', cartons of liquid pasteurised whole egg that will be available in fresh and free range varieties.

Egg in an instant uses class A whole egg and is suitable for retail and foodservice customers such as bakeries, canteens and schools. The product offers a wide range of benefits to customers-

• Pasteurised for extended shelf life
• Guarantees highest standards of food safety
• British Lion Quality Approved- free from salmonella
• Shell and contaminant free
• Convenient
• No need for cracking- time saving and clean

Egg in an instant although not currently available, will be in retail packs of one and half litre tetra pack cartons as well as commercial sizes of 10 and 30 litre plastic box bladders.

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